Why Signinvault?

What is the problem finding the correct login page?

It is easy you have a bookmark for it, or the browser suggests a site when you type. Or you could use Google as a last resort. But sometimes, Google does not help. Let's not blame the most popular search engine. The reason may be in the site you're looking:

  • It is not discoverable.
  • It is hard to use navigation (maybe mobile issues).
  • The site may be down or simply misbehaving.
  • Lot of other reasons it is not in the first place when you search.

There are a lot of other tools on the internet which constantly crawl the web. Signinvault is one such tool. It scans the top million sites to find forms that contain logins, usernames, emails, ids, and passwords. If we found such a page - we add it to our database and try to match it with the site name or other possible searches. Also, it is important to keep our database up-to-date. So we revisit these pages from time to time. Let's do not forget about the most popular failures to login into the portals:

  • Incorrect login or email.
  • CAPS lock during password input.
  • Keyboard language.
  • Be aware of these.

As a last resort, you can contact customer support of the service you're trying to log in to. We're collecting support contacts also and will publish it soon. Stay tuned.